February 20, 2011

history repeats, when does it stop?!?

While reviewing some medical journals this week I stumbled upon a treatment that was new and ground breaking, and then think to myself that this was talked about 20+ years ago, and it seems like its getting another round.

I watch some TV shows and notice similarities between those I watched long ago, and then I think to some of the movies that are out and many seem to be a rehash of ones that have already come and gone.

Then there is the abortion debate heating up again, along with unions. Isn't there enough going on with the financial crisis that we need to put these age old debates and histories to rest for a bit?

Then there is the world with all of the uprisings here and there, revolutions and such, and I think hasn't this already happened before?

I seems as if there is nothing new anymore, maybe I can drag out an old blog post or two, post them and no one will know the difference? Well I suppose I could if I posted more and had too many to remember.

Then I think of the lives of many transgender, and how many get it right opposed to those who just repeat over and over again. Is there anything new? I know they say history repeats itself but why? Is there not enough ways to gather information so that you don't repeat? I can say I sit idle or even have learned from my past which path I choose and I do hope history doesn't repeat as I know my spouse feels the same way, and that is probably her biggest fear, is that history will repeat itself. I do hope it doesn't and seem to be aware of myself enough that I know when to apply a stop break and regroup.

So am I exceptional, I don't think so, although I have been told I think out of the box and am exceptional. I still think that I don't but it does sink in enough for me not to be aggravated with things at times. What is the problem? My first instinct is that we don't hold others accountable, or accountable enough. The medical article I read should have never been published, they investigater should have been told thank you, but its not new information, so we won't print it. But see they were from John's Hopkins...so maybe it was their clout. Maybe if someone has enough clout they can push an old idea so that no one challenges it, or maybe we are too apathetic to care, and so history continue to repeat.

Maybe history repeats until it fails...I can say that may have happened in many cases I know of. So are we doomed in 20 years to see that they have remade the A-Team movie again, and will do so until no one will watch it? Although it seems that was its last showing. What about all of the Marvel stories coming out? Same recipe, will they continue till we don't go see them again? What about history and unrest in the world will that repeat? I believe the answer to all of my questions are "yes."

Moral of the blog...watch for repetition and call it as you see it. Don't forget to hold other responsible for quality and not quantity, especially when they start to repeat, especially when they start to repeat, especially when they start to repeat. ENOUGH!

February 08, 2011

spewing hatred

As I get back into the blogosphere I am astounded by all of the hatred within the trans-community, under the big transumbrella. I have read many who have pointed out this hatred and are also astounded by the infighting that goes on within our community. Now I can say I really haven't been hit with much venom myself, although I do visit a friend of mines Facebook page and was the receiver of a bit of nastiness. I expected it from that group so I let it roll off.

Now I recently posted a comment on Halle's page where I identified that maybe since there is already so much hatred in the world at this moment, that it is just spilling over into other arenas, this could definitely be the case. I mean if I hate where the nations is at, don't have a job, and have limited resources or support, I can see how I might be bitter. Being trans also throws another wrench into the whole mess. Also I believe hatred is contagious, if those around you are hateful, then you are also more likely to be hateful your self.

Being trans can make you bitter, make you hate the world, and you are certainly fighting off some mental health issues to go along with it all. Mental health to me is defined as depression, ect...so don't flame me yet for the comment. Being trans you have you share of being rejected and or dealing with all kinds of loss and rejection. I can say there was a time in my life where I was hateful to the world because I was trans. Why? Well society puts you in a box that says you have to behave and look a certain way, if you don't you are ostracized, made fun of, or generally harassed. Well I could fake it with the best of them to fit, but I hated the world for having to do it, and I certainly let the world know it, by attacking whom ever, how ever it suited me.

Today, I am good with the world. I don't hate, I try to love and accept. I basically decided that too much time and energy went into the hatred. I decided that it served me no purpose to be this way, in fact I finally learned that it hurt me with others, and so I changed the way I behaved...it wasn't easy and it took a long time. Now I will say I never picked on the underdog, never harassed someone who was less fortunate or different. In fact I did use some of my inner anger to defend those, just to push against society.

So what do we do about it? If I have learned anything it is the fact that if you want change, you have to be an active catalyst in effecting that change. That is not to say the change won't happen if you don't get involved, but if not you, then who? People need to be called on their behavior, now it needs to be done in a considerate manner as you would not want to stoop to the same level, even though that may be the only manner in which they respond too.

Thinking back on my career as a nurse, we as nurses eat our own, not only that, but physicians also pick on nurses, and are just mean, because they are the doctor. Well one way we fought against all of this was to, all go stand around the person being attacked, and say WE will not stand for that behavior, nor will we allow it. We as a community should be the same way, we should not stand for another to be attacked, we should stand with them and say that the behavior happening will not be tolerated. I believe since trans folks are appearance focused, tell them that their behavior is UGLY and it makes them UGLY. So a dialog you might say is "you behavior is mean and ugly, it makes you ugly, so stop it or go away!" If enough people tell them this, and if enough stand together to say the same things, then maybe eventually they will get a clue.

Changes in peoples behavior is hard, especially if that is the way they have always been. They may not change, but even so, they will eventually go somewhere else, somewhere their behavior is tolerated. Wouldn't it be nice to rid the trans community of those hateful people...actually I just wish they would be nice and stay.

Oh well...not yet feeling the rhythm of it all, but its getting there.