March 31, 2011

No Real Friends...

There seems to be a topic trending a tad bit in the blogosphere, and that is the realization of being friendless. I can say I have no real friends any more, at least no friends that I hang out with on a regular basis. I can say I try at times, but for the most part, I have no friends. I have many online friends, and I can say that those whose company I seem to enjoy the most live the farthest away. At one time I could swear that I could write a mathematical formula where the ratio of friendship and similarities was in direct proportion to distance between us.

Why is it I have no friends? Well in a nut shell, I don't have anything in common with many other males. I don't really like sports, I don't like cars, or hunting, or any other male dominated activity. I like fashion (womens), I like sappy love songs and romantic comedys, I love shoes, and bags, and I enjoy a bit of gossip too. I can stand with a group of women and so hold my own. I can hold my own so much, that I believe that many will forget that am even a man, although I get the "oh you a man, so you don't get this." Yes honey I do, more so than you think...I quietly think to myself. Then my wife is like why don't you go stand with the men and talk. So I wonder over to the group listen, then go wonder off by myself or go play with the kids. I also get told by my wife not to hang out with the women, "it looks bad" she says...looks bad how? Oh yeah, I forget now, me hanging out with the women, someone will eventually put it all together and figure out that I am trans-something! Yeah thats it, mind you, no one even those closest to me has figured it out, but me hanging with the women, someone is bound too in that brief time at a party or friendly gathering.

I can say at work I have friends, whom are all women. Now mind you I work as a nurse in a hospital and 90% of those I work with are women. Those women I am friends with talk to me like I am one of the girls, we talk about women stuff all the time. This is one of the reasons (and excuses I give if questioned) I can hold my own with a group of women outside of work...I work with all women, we girl talk every day, that pretty much all I know! So why aren't they my friends...well because I am a guy in my everyday life that is. My wife gets jealous, and their husbands get jealous, so no outside work friendships. I sometime want to come out to my girlfriends and say "hey I will dress up as a woman and then we can hang out, will that work?" I once had a friend in college I hung out with, and I ask her one day if her husband she says, I told him you were gay! I will say he was a tad pissed when he found out I wasn't, but hey I guess I could've told him, "its OK, I'm trans." I am sure he would have understood, although my fiance, who is now my wife would have freaked, if one I would have told the truth. Hmmmmm

Its only recently that I have scheduled dinner with a couple of friends (more than one at a time is a requirement) that my wife has said to have fun. She doesn't feel like I will run off with another woman anymore. I think she's more scared of gay males and other trans folk now...I think she doesn't know what to be scared of, which sort of explains an occasional act of jealousy outburst.

So what say you? Do you find you have friends, or are you wondering out and about alone? If you don't have friends why not, have you ever thought about it? When I was seriously considering transitioning, I was looking forward to having girl friends, that I can say. One of the thought I had, was that I would finally have a best friend, although I am not so sure I would have told her about being trans, but then I think she should have know as if there was a problem, its better to have told the truth and be denied, than tell a lie, be found out later, and then be pushed away.

Anyway, I am a bit curious what you think, and look forward to your feedback...

March 14, 2011

great nongender issue blog!

While cruising the great information super highway I happened to stumble across a great blog/website. The main focus of the site was what to do immediately after being fired, and I did enjoy that post, but having a bit of spare time I decided to read some more and low and behold I found that this person is a great writer, who also knows how to make you feel better. He is also a realist, tells it like it is. I so like those people, I know if I could do something like this person it would be to put the same quality of blog out there.

The site is:

Its a business sort of blog, and I think it could provide much inspiration to those out there in transgenderland. Damn! I thought I could get through this post without mentioning "it" but no such luck. One thing I will promise is to make this a short're surprised I know! Anyway, take a pause in your blog reading of trans issues and stumble to this site. When your done, cruise back here and tell me what you thought...I promise you won't regret visiting his site.