March 06, 2010

finished my masters degree

Well this week I finished up my masters degree in nursing informatics. I will get my diploma in 5 to 6 weeks. In my informatics department I will be the only one with my masters and feel really over educated. I have started looking more for another position and am not really finding much. I do wonder about the changing jobs thing or moving up thing as some day I could transition, but I am not seeing that in the horizon at all. Don't ask me why, I just don't see it. You ever get that feeling, when you know something is right when you can see it happening? Well I don't see the whole transitioning thing happening at all. I do hope I get another life somewhere along the way, I suppose I could start believing in reincarnation or life after death, but that so doesn't make sense so. Oh well I say in a ho hum voice.
Getting my masters was fun, although in many instances it has caused more frustration as I talk in concepts others don't or won't understand. Yes I break it down to understandable terms and people still don't get it. My favorite thing is my boss is bringing me great ideas to do, that I recommended 4 yrs ago! Back then she was like "oh that would never work!" now its some great revelation. Now don't get me wrong I will say, "yeah I recommended that 4 years ago!" and I get the blank stare. I smile and walk away.
Its a curse, its a curse to get it all, meaning understand it all and feel like everyone around you doesn't. I will say that I have to strike one up for my spouse who gets it many times, which I suppose it why we are still together. I give her tons of ideas for her work and they get used, of coarse I get no credit there, and the funny thing is neither does she...her boss does.
So my happy event of completing my masters isn't that happy, and I again am sure some of it is related to my intermittent depression, which again I get it. Yes I am a downer today. One thing I have to look forward too is my daughter starts spring soccer this weekend, which this has to be one of the few things in life that truly brings me joy, is watching her play the game as goalie.
Well I am wishing for everyone else to have a good weekend, and to have the sunshine in your face with the wind at your back.



Melissa said...

Congratulations Bree! A master's degree is pretty cool, but be careful, some bosses tend to be wary of underlings that are smarter than themselves. I think you have to offer your suggestions to them in a collaborative way, so they can at least share in the credit, otherwise they tend to feel like you are upstaging them, and trying to make them look bad, and in some cases they will even think you are out to get their job. I don't think it's a good idea to react in a "I told you so" manner, when they finally do see the correctness of your ideas. That might only make them more reluctant to accept your ideas in the future.

You should be proud of your accomplishments, Bree! Getting a Master's degree, while working full time and raising a family takes a lot of dedication and perseverance. Good for you, girl!

Melissa XX

Calie said...

Hi Bree! That is a fantastic accomplishment! I never did go to grad school.

And, about ideas, just take the satisfaction that your idea happened anyway, despite the fact that you didn't get the credit.

A bit down today, myself. Goes with the territory, doesn't it?

Have a good weekend.

Calie xxx

caroline said...

Congratulations Bree, hope this helps you gain a better position sometime.

It is frustrating having your ideas ignored, I left work in frustration because my ideas were getting me nowhere but I did have the satisfaction of arriving at work one day to find all the management had been called in overnight, which had never happened before, to sort out a manufacturing problem where faulty product had got into the system and some goods were already aboard ship bound for markets in the US!

I just said "shame you never read my suggestion of a couple of years ago where I had anticipated this happening one day and shown how to make sure it never occurred". Deathly silence and panic!

Never felt so smug.

Caroline xx

Jenny said...

Well done!

You're ahead of the game compared to me too, my feckless wastrel student days left me with a b.Eng and nothing more.

My reaction to outgrowing dead wood management has always been to move up by moving on. I appreciate that may be less easy in healthcare than it is in my techie industry. Are there any consultancies in your sector looking for people with your new qualification?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and what an achievement!


Stace said...

Congratulations Bree, hope you can start to enjoy your achievement soon.

As the others have said, getting a Masters is a bg deal (My B.Sc was hard enough and that was without the hassle of adult life), doing it now with everything else that is going on is amazing.


bree said...

thanks everyone for the supportive comments!

Leslie Ann said...

Terrific, Bree! Going back to college for an advanced degree is a great achievement, especially with a family.

Lisa in Raleigh said...


Congrats on this major accomplishment! As someone who as gone down this route, the modivation to get an advanced degree comes from within, as well as the staisfaction of completing the job. The real accomplishment here is not in what you learned, but that you demostrated the ability to learn, to be become an expert in an area. Having done it once, you can now use those skills to do so in any other area you choose to work. Do not limit your job search to just your specific area, but look in related fields where we your expereince and your demostarted learning ability can be applied. It's clear you are frustrated in your current job, now is an ideal time to look for something new/exciting. Give yourself credit for what you have done and premission to reach for something different. It might take awhile, but isn't that true of anything worth obtaining?

Have faith in yourself, we all do.

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