January 06, 2012

People who touch our lives

      As I begin the New Year I look back at the old and think of the many accomplishments that I have.  Some things others may not consider accomplishments, but everything you try in life is that an accomplishment.  Succeed or fail, you have still tried and then learned from the action.  Sometimes we try to avoid things and we succeed at avoiding them, which to is an accomplishment if that is truly the goal.  Along the way we need help with our journey and we wander upon a stranger who guides us on our path.  This person may point the way, offer an encouraging word, or even pick us up and carry us some part of the journey.
     I have many that have a special place in my heart; I hope they realize who they are, although some may not.  I do try to go out of my way to provide them with an extra special thank you, an extra kind word, and I do in the back of my mind hold them dear so that if they ever should need anything I could run to their side and repay the debt and help them with something they may need.  I do not know why I feel as if I am indebted to them, as I would imagine they do not feel the same, that I need to repay anything to them.  The do what they do, because they are kind and wonderful human beings.  They are what we all should be and what we all should strive for.  I believe everyone, even the most vile person has some kind of kind heart it is just lost, and has been lost due to some set of circumstances along the way. 
     Maybe this kindness is an energy that flows through us all and stay within balance, as it falls in one, another possess more.  I would like to call it “love” but for me that word means something else, so I cannot, you may this energy that if you may, some may attribute this kindness to an otherworld deity, I am not a religious person so again I do not attribute it to that.  Push me a bit and I will say that I do believe in a type of guardian angel, I can say that my life has been off course at times and has had to be reset, and by some means it gets reset-that would be my guardian angel.  I do not give mine as much credit as I should, but I do thank her quietly from time to time as it is overly apparent what she does. 
     Without getting too corny I would like to reference the song “Angles Among Us” I always shed a couple of tears when that song is on the radio and if you have never heard it, I highly recommend you take 3+ minutes and sit and listen to it once.  It is a very touching song.
     So people who touch our lives are very important in the grand scheme of things.  I am very blessed as I have many in my life who will provide course corrections so that I may do what I need to do.  If you are one of those course correcting angels, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart, I sincerely appreciate what you do and so do others.  If you are in need of an angel and one hasn’t touched you in the way you would expect, well then you have a few options that I can present.  One option is to hold on a bit longer, maybe your line number is a high one, and all requests are answered in the order received.  Another option is to seek someone out, just ask them for some guidance, I have found this works for me, and when you do receive help, be appreciative, and pay it back to that person and others around you.  Third option is help someone else out while you are waiting, maybe your good deed will move you up in line.  Lastly do not do nothing, I know this conflicts a bit with number one, but if you have been waiting and waiting, and nothing has happened, well then maybe you have already received your direction and chosen to ignore it, or maybe you didn’t need the help you thought, if so seek out someone else, bounce your options off of them and see what they say, many times the answer is right in front of you.  Lastly never ever give up life is too special and there is so much to believe in, if you can’t get the answer you need, ask me I have some debt I can repay with kindness to others. 
Have a great New Year


Calie said...

What a wonderful post, Bree!

Friends mean so much to me and have helped me so much. I have many on-lines friends who mean so much to me although I will probably never meet most of them. I also have local friends and it means a lot when you can sit and chat about life over a coffee or lunch.

I was a mess and full of depression when I sought out the first trans person I had ever had contact with....Alex, a blogger who has since transitioned. She helped me so much and is still a good friend. I vowed I would do the same when contacted by someone, and I have.

Have a good 2012, Bree.

Now, I'm off listen to Angels Among Us.

Calie xxx

Caroline said...

this would have been a lonely journey without a friend to contact and blogs of fellow transitioners to show us the way...

Caroline xx

Anonymous said...

You are so right; friends make all the difference in one’s life. Sometimes they may not even know how they touched our lives and the impact they made on us and who we are. I have some awesome friends and they have made all the difference in my life. Take care and such an awesome post.

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